They are open until 4 A.M. – 5-Star Yelp Review

5-Star Yelp Review - Open til 4:00am5-Star Yelp Review
Nikolas T., Chicago, IL


I have to say, the one primary reason I love LaCoco’s so much is that they are open until 4 A.M. That’s a perk that has saved the day so many times over and over again over many many years. The ability to get food drunkenly in the middle of the night is obviously something I feel should be represented first because it’s the main concept I felt should be put forward in this small review. However, don’t let that distract from the actual food itself, which for being a place open as late as it is (and delivering,) is actually quite delicious. Normally, a place that is going to sell you pizza at 4 A.M. will be questionable at best (I can think of a few off the top of my head I would never use again,) but when the pizza is as good as it is, it feels like a double blessing.

They also have a really good beef sandwich as well might I add. In fact, the whole menu is actually quite tasty and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant is fun and worth checking out if dining in is your thing. For me though, as I previously pointed out, it’s the late night delivery that sells me and should be something you should check out if your in the mood for late night grub.

The menu overall is actually pretty diverse and represents a lot of your typical restaurant staples, all pretty excellent in taste. Think of it as a local pizza place that serves that and all the fixings you’d come to expect from a restaurant (kind of like Falco’s, etc.) Prices are pretty good to match the solid food so that is also worth noting. Overall, a literal favorite of mine that gets used quite often near 2 or 3 A.M. and is definitely worth checking out if you’re fiending for a late night fix.